Blooming in Winter

It is freezing outside and yet some of my plants are in full bloom. Such a lovely sight amidst all the gloominess that winter brings. Our Camellia tree greets us with pink blooms as we enter the driveway. In the deck, our orchid shows off it’s purple flowers and in the backyard, just infront of […]

Christmas In July Part 2

On the weekend, my friend Kylie invited friends over for a Christmas In July card making session in her house. It was an all-day affair where she laid out all her stamping materials, cardstock and of course her favourite tool to use, the Cricut, for everyone to use. There was endless cuppa and jaffles for lunch. […]

Christmas In July

Winter is synonymous to Christmas and here in Australia we have Christmas In July! It is summer everywhere else except in our part of the world, which I think is great! Thus, I made a few things to celebrate the season. This Nativity Set took me quite a while to make. I just love the way baby Jesus […]

Salvation Army Finds

Once a week, my next door neighbour and I would go for a walk to our local Salvation Army. She is always on the lookout for pretty tea cups and antique glass objects. I like old buttons which I use for making cards and scrapbooking. Recently, I came across this old hot water pump which I bought […]

Dead of Winter

Just look at the temperature this morning! No wonder my nose feels like it’s about to fall off. It is so hard to get up in the mornings to fix the lunchboxes but it has to be done. Look at the trees and the sky. Not a happy sight. Thank heavens for our trusty heater […]

Handmade cards

For almost two years now, i have been selling my handmade cards at a boutique and also at a bookstore near my home. The owners have been so nice to put my work in their lovely stores and i have been so lucky that they have been selling quite well. It’s nice to know that there are still plenty […]

A little about myself

My name is Alpha, hence the business name alphacrafts. I started crafting when my first son was born. I chose to be a stay-at-home mum from the moment he was born because my husband and I decided to care for our child without the help of a nanny. From where we came from, nannies were […]

I finally have a blog

Today is my very first time to blog. I’m a bit of a dino when it comes to computers you see. For ten years now, it’s my husband who lovingly updates my website. I am the crafter and he is the one who does my advertising online. But today, I am here sharing with whoever is […]