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Card Inspiration – Dressed To Impress

Well hello fabulous! This stamp set is for the sassy, brave, bold, sweet and the fierce. Every once in awhile we need to remind ourselves that it’s ok to buy the shoes and to be as bold as our lipstick. I feel empowered already. Aren’t you? I don’t know about you but a good lipstick completes the face and makes one feel dressed up. Perfume? Yes, that too is important so you can leave a trail of your scent to be imprinted in someone’s memory forever.

The images on this stamp set are gorgeous and it’s a bonus that it can be used for Mother’s Day too. My layout here is simple. A mixture of heat embossing and inking some elements are enough to make the images stand out. There are a lot of white spaces to give the cards an elegant feel. Scattering a few sequins fill up those empty spaces nicely and is a fun tip that you can incorporate in your card making and other paper craft projects.

The shoes! Don’t forget to remind yourself that life is short so you must have the shoes. Although high heels are a bit too much for WFH (work from home), there are other shoes that are suitable so there’s no reason to scrimp on footwear.

Here’s a checklist so that you can make these fabulous cards:

I hope that you enjoyed today’s card inspiration and that you’ll give these cards a go. Happy card making!

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