Card Inspiration – Vellum Magic


Here is a fantastic and fun way to use vellum. If you have seen tutorials on magic cards, window/plastic sheets are used. While I was preparing my class for magic cards, I struggled stamping on window sheets. They are excellent for magic cards if you are an expert stamper but I found it too slippery to stamp on. If I find it too slippery, what more for the people who signed up for my class? Frustrated, I looked for an alternative. Rummaging through my card stock pile, I stumbled upon a  pack of vellum and hey presto, my vellum surprise card class was born.

These cards are not the easiest to make but it is so much fun and rewarding to make. I ran this class last month and it was a hit! I made it easy for my class attendees by cutting and scoring the card stock to size so that they can concentrate on the assembly and of course stamping the images.

If you and your friends would like to make magic cards using vellum, let me know so I can organise a class for you.

Vellum Surprise Class – Cost $20, all materials to make 4-6 cards, template and envelopes supplied.


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