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Card Making 101 – How To Cut Designer Series Paper

Beautifully printed papers are essential for card making and paper crafting. It’s one of the basic building blocks needed to add interest to your work. It’s also the easiest and most effective way to bring your cards to life. How many times have you reached for your Designer Series Papers when you needed to make a card in a hurry? I’ve done it countless of times and that is why I like to cut my gorgeous papers to size so that I always have a stack ready to use anytime I want.

Designer Series Papers (DSP) usually come in a pack of 12×12. More often than not, they are double-sided which means you have a choice of another print on the other side of the paper. This feature is what I love about DSP. I’m never bored because there’s so much to choose from.

I like to have a variety of prints so that I have something for any occasion. Rule of thumb is to have a small variety of each so you can make cards for any occasion that may arise.

  • Flowers and greenery for birthdays and everything in between
  • Graphics and geometrical images for male cards
  • Christmas prints for the holidays
  • Baby images to welcome babies and first birthdays
  • Metallic or glittery printed papers that are great for weddings and milestone birthdays

Resist the temptation of hoarding and storing your beautiful papers, never to be seen again. Best things in life are meant to be shared and enjoyed. I find great satisfaction when I cut my papers and turn them into cards or use them in memory keeping/scrapbooking. After you use up your supply, you can buy new papers to enjoy. This way, you’re never bored using the same prints over and over.

It’s a shame to waste your Designer Series Papers. Believe me when I say that you will not want to throw even the smallest piece of it. They are just too pretty! So, here’s a quick tutorial of how you can maximise your 12×12 DSP.

I hope that you enjoyed what I’ve shared with you today. I encourage you to cut your papers. You will be inspired more if you have a stack of papers that are cut to size, ready any time you want to make cards or scrapbook pages.

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Happy crafting!

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