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Sewing Class

The kids learned how to use the sewing machine yesterday. It took a while before they got the hang of sewing as straight as possible but they got it in the end. I gave them extra felt to embellish the back of the bag which I purposely left blank so that they can personalize it. […]

New Vendor Bags

My blog has been quiet lately. Sorry about that….I’ve been preoccupied looking through job ads. I am at the moment looking for a part-time job. Wish me luck! I recently launched my products at madeit and so far I’ve sold two vendor bags – yay! I’ve received some enquiries if I would be making more […]

Vendor Bags

I was at the Crafts and Stitches show on Mother’s Day and I came across some gorgeous organic linen fabric. I didn’t know then what to use them for but after some playing around with my sewing machine, I figured they would look nice as vendor bags. They will come in handy when I join […]