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Masking With A Circle Die

Masking with a circle die card samples
copyright Stampin’ Up!, card design by alphacrafts

Masking with a circle die is a technique that allows you to stamp while covering the rest of the area so that you end up with a circle framed image. I used my circle die for the cards.

Note: the mask should be the same size as the card base so that placement is exact.

To make a mask, use printer paper or vellum and run your circle die through a cutting machine. You also need to save the piece with the hole for this project.

  1. Position your mask over your card base, making sure that you cover any exposed areas to prevent ink smudges. I also used washi tape or post-its to temporarily adhere the mask on my card base
  2. Stamp images or a background stamp over your mask. Make sure to stamp on the edges because if you miss some spots the circle will not be defined
  3. Remove the mask carefully
  4. Add a sentiment and some embellishments for a finishing touch

Here is a list of products used:

In my experience, the thinner the mask is the crisper the stamped images are, especially around the edges. It’s important that the edges are well defined because you want the circle shape to stand out.

I hope that you enjoyed this technique and that you’ll also give masking with a circle die a go. I’m curious how yours turned out. Did you find vellum more effective or are you ok using ordinary printer paper?

Will you also be using this technique in your bullet journal or scrapbook pages? It’s a great one for adding an interesting focal point to your paper craft projects.

Would you like to learn this technique in class? Let me know so that we can organise a suitable date and time.

Are you also looking for other fun projects? Check out my events and book in. Bring along your friends too so you can share the experience.

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