New Year – Love it, Live it, Share it

New Year - Live it, Love it, Share it

One week into the new year and I can’t help but ponder how I will live, love and share card making through my classes and everyone I meet.

Choose the road less travelled – In this day of consumerism, we have forgotten to make hand made things. Not many people travel this road anymore. We are so addicted to the instant gratification that we get online. We have tons of information at a click of a button, we can buy anything and have them delivered to our doorstep. Why? We say to save time so we can have quality time but the mention of ‘let’s make something today’ and all of a sudden we say ‘goodness, I’m just so busy, no time for that’.

Thru my card making classes, my aim is to awaken your potential to making things by hand and to challenge you to choose the road less travelled. Perhaps you never tried it because you needed someone to show you or maybe you don’t have the right tools at home. Perhaps you’re shy and think you’re not creative. But, the minute you say to yourself ‘it’s Jane’s birthday today, perhaps I can make her a card’, congratulations, you have just awakened your potential!

Work hard, stay humble – card making requires lots of practice, a sense of fun and a good dose of sense of humour. Perfection is not the aim of my classes. In the beginning there will be wonky lines, colours that don’t match, smudges and other imperfections but that’s ok. With a good sense of humour you can overcome that frustration, fix mistakes, learn new things and carry on. Keep practising and have fun with it.

The adventure begins – your card making journey is an adventure. Learning new things from classes and other craters will bring you inspiration. In time it becomes a habit to make a card and give them away. There’s always an opportunity – birthday. thank you, sympathy, get well or a hello. Beautiful things happen to you and others around you when you give a handmade card. You have just shared something of yourself to someone. You have also shared your knowledge, sparked curiosity, awakened someone’s potential and might in turn ask you to teach them. It’s what it’s all about – loving it, living it and sharing it.

Have a great year crafting. Happy card making and hope to see you in class!

Interested in my classes this January? Celebrate summer and make summer-themed birthday cards.

Coffee & Sunshine Cards – $20, all materials to make 6 cards supplied. There’s coffee and cake too! Booking is essential to secure a spot.

  • 10 January, 7-9pm
  • 12 January, 7-9pm
  • 13 January, 3-5pm
  • 19 January, 7-9pm
  • 20 January, 3-5pm
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