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Card Inspiration – Dressed To Impress

Well hello fabulous! This stamp set is for the sassy, brave, bold, sweet and the fierce. Every once in awhile we need to remind ourselves that it’s ok to buy the shoes and to be as bold as our lipstick. I feel empowered already. Aren’t you? I don’t know about you but a good lipstick […]

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Card Inspiration – Here’s To Our 2020 Graduates

This year has been challenging for all our students. Remote learning has changed education in ways that we never thought possible. It’s amazing how we all quickly adapted and so a big congratulations to all students graduating this year. Also to parents and carers who continue to support the ones learning from home. It’s quite […]

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody. Amidst the pompous and abundant celebrations with family and friends, I hope that you can find a moment to reflect upon the blessings you received this year. My Christmas card for you is a simple and humble one. As I was making this card, I pondered about the little boy born in […]