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Virtual Cardmaking Party

Grazing table set up for a virtual cardmaking party.
table design by alphacrafts, copyright Stampin’ Up! stamp images

A virtual cardmaking party is a creative catch-up with friends. Sometimes, we all just want to get together after work, at the end of the day or during quiet times on the weekend without leaving the comfort of our sofa.

This will appeal even to the most beginner of crafters. Even those who have never made a card will have an enjoyable time and it’s so satisfying to be able to complete a project in one sitting.

So how does this work? The party hostess (you) will choose a kit and a suitable date and time. Let all invitees know that the party will run for 2 hours to complete the projects in the kit. Each attendee must submit the payment as their commitment to attend. Then, the kits will be organised and sent to everyone’s address. A link will also be sent to everyone and we’ll catch-up and put the kit together.

There are so many lovely kits available but may I suggest choosing one that’s all-inclusive? Invitees will most likely participate if they don’t need to worry about extra craft supplies. If ever there’s a need to add supplies, it will be basic craft supplies like scissors or multi-purpose glue.

This is a fun activity that you and your friends will love so I hope that you’ll give virtual cardmaking party a go. Let me know so that we can organise a suitable date and time.

Check out the online store for all the current all-inclusive kits that are available and let me know if you need help in choosing the most appropriate one for your group of friends.

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