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Australian Themed Cards

Australian themed card featuring a koala on a tree with the sun and warm sunshine background.

Today, we are making a card that’s very Australian. Koalas, kangaroos and the outback. You get the picture.

Spring has sprung in Australia and we love basking in the sun whenever it decides to grace us with it’s presence. Humans and animals have begun crawling out of the winter gloom and are venturing out once more. Although we’re still in lockdown here in Victoria, exercising outside has become more pleasant with the warmth of the glorious sun on our backs.

For my card, I have taken inspiration from our much-loved Australian marsupial, the koala and of course, our love of sunshine. With just a little bit of fussy cutting and colouring, the Zoo Globe stamp set comes to life.

For the sun, I used the globe stamp and coloured it in yellow using my blender pen.

The background was made by swiping the ink pads directly onto the cardstock. Make sure you cut an extra tree to stick inside the card.

A cute tip when colouring people and animal faces is to put rosy cheeks on them. Just like this adorable koala!

Here’s a tip on how to use the blender pen:

First, dab your clear block onto your ink pad so the ink transfers to the block. Next, pick up the ink from the block using your blender pen. You can now use this to colour your images.

Lastly, if you’d like to change colour, clean off the blender pen by writing all the ink away on a piece of scrap paper. When the pen comes away clean, you’re ready to use it again for another colour.

I hope you enjoyed today’s card inspiration and that you’ll give this card a go. Practice putting rosy cheeks on the animals too for added cuteness.

Here’s a checklist of materials so you can make this at home:

Order your supplies as well as your Zoo Globe stamp set. I’m sure that you’ll find many uses for this set, not just on children’s cards but also fun uses for home decor, packaging and scrapbooking.

Happy card making!

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