Card Making 101 Handmade

Basic Essentials In Card Making

It is simple to make a handmade card if you have the right tools and if you have just discovered the joy of card making then you have come to the right place. The two questions I often get from my customers are “What do I need to start card making?” and “How much will […]

Card Making 101 Stampin' Up!

Card Stock and How To Cut It

Card stock and how to cut it is a question that pops up in card making. Card stock is the paper that we use for card making and scrapbooking. It is more durable and thicker than your normal printing paper. You have your A4 size which is the preferred size for card making and the […]

Card Making 101

Card Making 101 – Your Basic Essentials

“What do I need to start making my own cards? Do I need to buy everything?” I get this question many times. My advice is to keep it simple and practical. There are so many beautiful products available for papercrafting and it can get confusing and quite overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. […]