Card Inspiration – Lovely Day In The Neigbourhood

Card Inspiration - Lovely Day In The Neigbourhood

There’s inspiration all around us. Just look out the window and see what’s going on outside. Maybe your view is a row of colourful houses, trees or a vast area of grassy land. Whatever it is, take that inspiration and put in on a card.

My 2-year old daughter loves looking out the window and talks to me about what she sees outdoors. It’s amazing how different her view of the world outside is. She notices the particular colour of the sky, trees, grass and the spider hanging out the window, which I didn’t see at first but upon closer inspection, there it was.  Such a tiny detail but so fascinating to a little one. She also noticed the colourful row of houses across the street which gave me the inspiration for my cards.

Stampin’ Up! has a couple of stamp sets which feature houses. They are perfect for capturing that ‘lovely day in the neighbourhood’ look that I was aiming for. They are so versatile too that they can be used to mimic a season or even Christmas.

Curious which products were used to create these? Have a look here:

You may be away on holiday somewhere exotic, at the office, riding a bus or at home but wherever you are at this minute, look out the window and take note of what you see. Take that inspiration and put it on a card. Happy card making!

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