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Colour Wheel Technique

Image of a colour wheel using Regals Inks from Stampin' Up!.

The colour wheel is a valuable tool that you can use for card making.

Have you ever tried making one with the ink pads that you own? The simplest way is to do a pie chart divided into 6 segments. The 6 segments will house your primary and secondary colours.

Your primary colours are red yellow and blue. Secondary colours stem from these 3 colours. That is, red+blue=violet, red+yellow=orange, yellow+blue=green. You still with me so far?

Going back to our 6 segments, fill them in this order, from the top going clockwise:

  1. Yellow
  2. Orange
  3. Red
  4. Violet
  5. Blue
  6. Green

So, how do we use the color wheel? The most basic would be complementary colours. The colour directly opposite will be the complementary colour.

  • Yellow = Violet
  • Orange = Blue
  • Red = Green

Simple enough, right? But, there are other combinations that you can try if you want to use 3 or more colours.

  1. Analogous – try combining neighbouring colours or colours touching each other on the colour wheel (e.g Yellow Orange Red or Violet Blue Green
  2. Triangle – Mark a triangle on the wheel and combine the 3 colours
  3. Warm Colours – Yellow Orange Red
  4. Cool Colours – Violet Blue Green

I made my own colour wheels with all the ink pads that I own. I made one for each colour family (Brights, Regals, Subtles and In Color). This way, I have a quick guide when making a card. It takes the guessing out of choosing a colour combination. Also, a whole world of colour combinations opens up, something that I probably haven’t thought of before. It’s also a great way to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with colour.

I used the 6 segment rule but I divided each segment if I have 2 or 3 hues of the same colour. For example, in my Violet segment I have Blackberry Bliss and Rich Razzleberry because there are 2 violets in the Regals family.

Here are my 4 colour wheels. Use it as a guide to make your own if you own Classic Stampin’ Pads. Also, put it to the test once you’re done.

Image of 4 colour wheels in Brights, In Color, Subtles and Regals (clockwise order) inks from Stampin' Up!.

I will be putting mine to the test and see what lovely cards I can make. I hope you enjoyed today’s technique and that you’ll also give it a go.

Check out the online store for ink pads that you can add to your collection.

Also, do you need help making a colour wheel? Let me know so we can organise a class for you.

Are you also looking for other fun papercraft projects? Check out my events page and book in. There’s always something new to learn.

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