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Happy Mail Is Here To Stay

Happy Mail Cards

Happy mail is here to stay now that the world is house-bound. The spirit of card giving is alive more than ever. In this strange and challenging time, self-isolation puts a tremendous strain on our mental well-being. We feel the need to connect to humankind and although social media and digital platforms offer us opportunities to connect with each other, the lack of face-to-face interaction, human touch and presence makes us long for it even more. Non-essential shops and services have shut down but lucky for us, the post office is still open and parcel delivery have become our lifeline in getting goods across. A visit to our letterbox suddenly becomes so exciting. More so when we find a card or a parcel in there rather than the usual bills and junk mail.

It’s a wonderful feeling to receive something in the mail. A written card with a personal and heartfelt message makes a difference in our day. Little or big difference, it matters. We all have burdens that we carry everyday and when we know that someone cares, it’s easy to carry on for another day.

Card making offers an opportunity to connect. When we make something by hand, it becomes an extension of ourselves. What makes it unique is that a lot of thought, time and energy was invested to make it special. Card makers have always known this and it’s the reason why many people continue this gratifying hobby. If you haven’t tried it, why not take the opportunity to learn during your quiet days at home? You will love it!

In the spirit of card giving, I have bundled up my handmade cards and wrapped them up nicely. Each Happy Mail Pack has 4 assorted cards and envelopes. There is always 1 birthday card in the pack and the other 3 will be a mix of hello, baby, congratulations, encouragement, thank you, get-well or sympathy card. Think of it like a box of chocolates – everything is delightful but you never know what you’re gonna get. I promise you though that they are beautiful.

These packs can be sent to your family and friends as a nice little gift. In this time of self-isolation, you will be saving them a trip to the shops to buy cards. You will also help them to connect with other people by snail mail. It’s an endearing tradition that people are practising less and less of in this digital world we live in.

Think ahead and save these packs to give to co-workers and friends for birthdays and Christmas. You can also add a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates with it.

Order your Happy Mail Pack (sorry, no longer available) and share the joy of card giving. You have a choice of pick-up or delivery via Australia Post, Australia-wide in a tracked satchel. If you wish to send it to someone, I can add a personal note from you.

You can still shop for cards from my handmade shop and send them out because happy mail is here to stay. They will surely brighten someone’s day!

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