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Christmas Inspiration – Coffee, Yes Please

Christmas Inspiration - Coffee, Yes Please

Having lived in Melbourne for 13 years,  I now have a deep understanding of its obsession with coffee. Not just any coffee but really good coffee. We’re always on a quest for that perfect cuppa and it’s a bonus if you have a friend/ partner who shares the same habit. There’s nothing more blissful than sitting in cafe with a friend. It may include an all-day breakfast or just a slice or scone for morning tea but the highlight is always the coffee. Melbourne has a vibrant and delicious cafe culture. We are spoilt for choice here and whatever the weather, good coffee can be found just around the corner.

Card making and coffee go hand-in-hand. Even my card making classes are called, you guessed it, Coffee & Cards. Because you know, card making without coffee is just not right and downright boring. Having a cuppa in the middle of card making gives us that breathing space and a chance to chat with other card makers.

This Christmas, why not make a stack of coffee gift card holders and spread the love to your work mates, teachers, friends and family who love their coffee. See if you can purchase coffee gift cards at a cafe near your workplace or in your local shopping strip.

I hope that you enjoyed this Christmas inspiration. Have a cuppa and make coffee gift card holders today. Happy card making!

Here’s a list of materials I used to make these cards. You can shop 24/7 and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

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