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Felt Tablet and Device Cover

Tablet and Device Cover
Tablet Cover designed by alphacrafts

Felt tablet and device cover is a boredom buster during the school holidays. Personalise and add whimsy to your sewing project by using the shaker card technique.

I love that felt doesn’t fringe and unravel like fabric so this eliminates the need to tidy up loose fibres.

Here’s how:

  1. Measure and cut to size 2 layers of felt and 1 sheet of plastic cover. The second felt should only be cut up to where the device will be inserted because this will be the pocket for your device.
  2. Layer the 2 felts together and arrange your shaker materials on top. Buttons, sequins, punched out shapes, flat beads will work well for this. Layer the plastic sheet on top. Leave some space on the sides for sewing. Use pins to hold the layers together.
  3. Sew the 3 layers together using the zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine. This can also be hand-stitched.
  4. Attach a button and create a button hole to close your device cover.

Modify your cover design. You may want to not attach a button but tie a piece of ribbon or a leather band instead.

I hope that you enjoyed this sewing project and that you’ll give the felt tablet and device cover a go.

Check out the online store for current embellishments, glitter paper and punches to help you.

Would you like to make this in class? Let me know so we can organise one for you. Bring along your friends too so you can share the experience. It’s always fun and quirky here at Alphacrafts. We make meaningful and unique works of art to keep or to give away as presents.

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