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School Holiday Craft Classes

Here are photos of what we are making next week. These lavender mini pillows are perfect for your closets. They are also perfect to give as gifts to friends and family. How about making a rosette photo bracelet and a gorgeous brooch that your child can pin on a headband, shirt, coat or on a […]

Winter Beanie

Today is the first day of the school holidays. Have a look at today’s¬†sewing machine class. They made a winter beanie from scratch. Kids learned how to make a pattern, sew a¬†curve and embellish with flowers and funny monsters. So cute! Come back tomorrow and check out the scrapbook/journal they are making.

Sewing Class

The kids learned how to use the sewing machine yesterday. It took a while before they got the hang of sewing as straight as possible but they got it in the end. I gave them extra felt to embellish the back of the bag which I purposely left blank so that they can personalize it. […]

Owl Making Class Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peak of the gorgeous owls we’re making starting next week. Don’t miss out and book a class today. I thought I’d make this owl more interesting¬†by attaching a pocket at the back for mail. Great pouch for the tooth fairy, Santa letter, letter for mum/dad or letter for your kids. Kids would […]

On My Work Table

On my work table this week is The Little Red Hen. This is a set of felt animals which is hand-stitched, made with a lot of patience and love. I changed this set by making Mr Baker¬†into a¬†finger puppet¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† instead of the stand-alone doll that I used to make. I have yet to design Mr […]

It’s finished!

Hi everyone! Just want to show you the finished baby banner I made for my sister in-law. She can hang this outside the crib, door or on the wall. I posted this a while back when it was still in the making. Since I has so much fun making this, I think I’ll make some for my shop at . Have […]

On My Work Table

Hi everyone! There’s baby fever in alphacrafts at the moment. I am so thrilled that my sister in-law is having a baby in July this year. I promised her an owl bunting for the baby’s cot. Santiago is her baby boy’s name. Isn’t his name gorgeous? I can’t wait to meet him! Anyway, here is a sneak peek […]

Strawberry Feature

Good Morning! A lovely girl found inspiration in my Strawberries and Pancakes today. Yay! Thanks to Lisa of for featuring me in her blog. I feel like having strawberries and cream all of a sudden. How about you?