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Fundraising class - Advent Calendar Xmas in July
Fundrising class- cards and tags Xmas In July

Fundraising classes will be my main focus for the next couple of months.

Classes will be running to raise funds for World Vision. I recently joined Vision Sisters, a group of compassionate Australian women raising funds to provide clean birthing kits in Uganda.

Why this particular cause? As a mum of 3, I was lucky to have given birth in a safe and clean environment. Unfortunately, not all women are as fortunate, especially those in poor and underprivileged countries. Access to a medical practitioner, hygiene, baby and maternal care are hard to come by.

Did you know that the cost of a clean birthing kit is less than the cost of a cup of coffee? For a lot of people, that’s loose change found around the house.

So what’s in a clean birthing kit? The box consists of 5 basic objects – sterilised gloves, sterilised cord for tying the baby’s umbilical cord, gauze to wipe the baby’s eyes, a scalpel to cut the cord and also a plastic sheet big enough for the mother to lie down on.

We take these basic things for granted but in impoverished countries they save lives.

There’s been an overwhelming response from my friends. Moreover, Stampin’ Up! has generously sent me a donation box for raffle and door prizes to support me in this worthy cause so that more will be encouraged to attend classes and buy raffle tickets.

Please consider hosting a fundraising class in your home or perhaps attend my classes. Also, invite your friends and family and make it a creative catch-up day. Not only will they enjoy the experience and bring home something beautiful that they’ve made, they will also feel great about helping people in need.

Do you have a charity that you support? Perhaps you’d like to give card making a go at one of your events? Let me know so we can organise a class for you and your friends.

May I suggest kits to assemble at your fundraising event? Visit the online store for current products to help you plan your event.

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