In Loving Memory

In loving memory of my son, Alonzo. It’s been a year and 4 months and we miss you everyday. It is a tragedy that we only had a short time together in this lifetime. Until we meet again I will visit you in my memory and will carry you in my heart. I love you […]

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Happy Mail Packs

Happy mail packs are little parcels that I assemble for gift-giving. Cards accumulate so fast in my studio. A lot are made for personal use but a big bulk of what I make are samples for classes. A lot of my cards end up as little boxed sets that I give to family and friends […]

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Card Making Goal

My card making goal for this year is to share my love of paper crafting and to share fun techniques in card making. One week into the new year and I’m pumped to share some ideas so you can fit card making into your life. Choose the road less travelled – The handmade road is […]

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Fundraising Classes

Fundraising classes will be my main focus for the next couple of months. Classes will be running to raise funds for World Vision. I recently joined Vision Sisters, a group of compassionate Australian women raising funds to provide clean birthing kits in Uganda. Why this particular cause? As a mum of 3, I was lucky to […]

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Tag Topper Punch Inspiration

Here’s a Tag Topper Punch packaging inspiration for you. Before I gave birth a month ago I decorated about a dozen bottled jelly beans to bring to the hospital. They were for nurses and visitors dropping by to see me and the new baby. I needed a simple project because you know, the whole pregnancy […]

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Inspired by Steiner Education

I’m inspired by Steiner education everyday. The Waldorf style of education founded by Rudolf Steiner fascinates me. I like the idea of developing my imagination through sensory experiences. Perhaps that is why I am such an advocate of handmade items. Being a Rudolf Steiner mum to my children, I expose them to handmade things everyday thru the […]

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DIY Home Decor Banner

Here’s a DIY home decor banner that you will love. The school holidays is just around the corner and I’m thinking, the kids will love it if there’s something cheerful at the gate to welcome them to class. It’s bringing a smile to my face already. I can’t wait to hang this up. Make your […]