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Jar of Flowers Masking Technique

Cards showing a technique called Masking using Jar of Flowers by Stampin' Up!.

Let’s use the Jar of Flowers for a masking technique to make clean and simple cards.

Masks are everywhere. These days wearing a mask has become as normal as wearing a hat. This piece of covering is our line of defence when we’re out and about to protect each other and our health.

Today we’re masking on our cards too. Don’t worry, it’s just a card technique. It is when we cover an area of our card where we don’t want any stamped image to go through.

The simplest mask is a narrow strip of paper. You need to stick it down firmly so that the ink doesn’t seep through. Post-it’s are ideal if you can find long ones.

Here is a list of materials I used:

And here’s a video tutorial:

For fun, try masking diagonally or how about a different shape altogether? Try circles, star or even a heart mask using die cuts. Just make sure that the ink doesn’t seep through your mask. You want a crisp outline each time.

I hope that you enjoyed this inspiration and that you’ll give it a go.

Would you like to learn this technique in class? Let me know so we can organise one for you. Bring along your friends too so you can share the fun.

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