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Journal Making Class

School Holiday Journal Class
journal design by alphacrafts, copyright Stampin’ Up! images

Journal making class is a fun memory-keeping activity that the kids will love. This will also keep them busy and creative on the school holidays.

It’s a gorgeous way of documenting the holidays by writing, inserting photos and ephemera to the book. I love to fill it and then look at it years later to see how much my children have grown. It’s also enjoyable to look back at the things they’ve enjoyed during their younger years.

Do you like to journal too? Some may call it scrapbooking but it’s the same concept as memory-keeping.

Here’s how to make a journal spread:

  1. Bind together sheets of 6 x 6 inch cardstock. They can be different colours or 1 colour. Suggested number of sheets is 4 so that it’s easier for you to finish the project quickly.
  2. On a page, line the borders with fabric trim. Experiment with lace or seam binders.
  3. Stamp clothes images and cut and then attach to the corner of the page. Add a heart for a finishing touch.
  4. On the next page, cut a border on vellum with a punch and then attach to the bottom of the page.
  5. Trim a Basic White banner, stamp a bicycle and then attach to the page.
  6. Attach a heart and a greeting as a finishing touch.

Here’s a list of products I used:

What other journal spread layout can you think of? Do you have a single style that you follow or do you like to mix things up? I love to layer with stamping because it helps to minimise bulk.

I hope that you enjoyed this journal spread inspiration and that you’ll also give it a go.

Visit the online store for current products to help you in your journal making.

Would you like to attend a journal making class? Let me know so we can organise one for you. Bring along your friends too so you can share the experience.

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