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November Stamp Club Kit

November Stamp Club cards are wrapped ready to give to family and friends.
card and packaging design by alphacrafts, copyright Stampin’ Up! images
November Kit for Stamp Club includes card stock, embellishment kit and paper bags.
copyright Stampin’ Up! images

November Stamp Club is here and I couldn’t be more excited because we are making cards and wrapping them up for Christmas.

So how does it work? There are 10 bags to fill with cards and we will be making cards to fill 5 bags in class. All materials will be provided, including a little afternoon treat.

The idea is to give cards to friends and family so that they have a few that they can give away. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. People appreciate gifts that are beautifully made, including stationery.

The best cards to make are birthday cards but make a couple of Christmas cards too because it’s coming up soon.

Isn’t it a clever idea? How about slipping in a big block of chocolate and also a gift voucher for a card making class? Let me know so we can organise it.

This is a fun creative event and I hope that you will give the November Stamp Club kit a go.

Visit the online store for current products to help you with your card making and if you want to do this during your quiet time at home.

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