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What Do I Need For Card Making?

Card making basic materials

“What do I need for card making? Do I need to buy everything?” I get this question many times. My advice is to keep it simple and practical. I suggest choosing high quality products so they last and give you the best outcome. There are so many beautiful products available for paper crafting and it can get confusing and quite overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

So, let’s start at the very beginning – with your basic essentials.

Above are your basics for card making. I have simplified it in the photo for you because I know that there’s nothing more frustrating than not having the right materials when the urge to create strikes you. In fact, you are more motivated to make something when you have what you need.

For me, it’s important that I have a good paper trimmer and scorer. I get annoyed when card stock is wasted due to blades that are dull. Quality card stock is paramount for me too. Choose heavy weight and acid-free ones.

Check out the online store for products to help you complete whatever is missing. So, what else do I need for card making? Well, inspiration of course! But, when you have all the basics sorted, inspiration just comes naturally.

Are you also looking for classes you want to attend? Let me know so we can organise one for you. You can also check out my events and book in. Bring along your friends too so you can share the experience.

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