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Owl Coin Bank Inspiration

owl coin bank sewing inspiration
owl design by alphacrafts

This owl coin bank inspiration is a cute sewing project that’s fun to make. My lovely owl is back, this time as a coin bank. It’s a great project and boredom buster for you and the kids during the school holidays.

How does it work? The owl lays flat but the more coins are put in, the owl gets fuller and is able to stay upright. Isn’t it clever?

There is a pocket for keeping notes, phone and little treasures. The kids will absolutely love this fun sewing project.

Here’s how to make the coin bank:

  1. Trace an owl shape in 2 pieces of felt fabric and cut
  2. Cut a small slit in one of the owl shapes and sew along the slit
  3. Trace another owl piece but only midway and cut. This becomes the pocket
  4. Sew all the pieces together
  5. Embellish with flowers or flags for a finishing touch
  6. If you wish, cut circles for eyes and a triangle for a beak and then sew them to the front.

I hope that you enjoyed this owl coin bank inspiration and give it a go. I’m curious to know how yours turned out. Did you also add a face to the owl? Did you use felt fabric or did you combine it with other materials? Will you also be making another one to give as a gift?

Make sure to make a matching box for it if you’re giving it as a gift to make it even more special. Check out the online store for packaging and wrapping ideas.

Would you like to make this in class? Let me know so we can organise a suitable date and time.

Are you also looking for other projects? Check out my events and book in. Bring along your friends too so you can share the experience.

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